Graphic Design

Graphic Design Services

Heaven’s Disciples Media specializes in custom graphic design services for–

  1. Banner ads
  2. Book covers
  3. Business cards
  4. CD coves
  5. Direct mailers
  6. DVD covers
  7. Flyers
  8. Indoor and outdoor banners
  9. Logo design (for businesses, organizations, media, etc.)
  10. Magazine covers
  11. Music album art (for MP3 tags)
  12. Postcards
  13. Posters
  14. PowerPoint slides and presentations
  15. Social media covers (for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  16. Web banner ads
  17. Website graphics (for Website headers, blogging, podcasts, etc.)

Contact us for details, price quotes, and more products and solutions for your venture and projects!